Cory Donta Edwards, convicted of attempted murder, creates scene in Hennepin County court

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Cory Donta Edwards
Cory Donta Edwards made a scene at the county courthouse yesterday as a Hennepin County judge prepared to sentence him for attempted murder.

Judge Marilyn Kaman denied a request to sentence Edwards to less time than sentencing guidelines called for. Edwards turned and began walking toward the vacant defense table, the Hennepin County Attorney's Office said in a statement, and was "hustled out of the courtroom" by two sheriff's deputies.

Edwards was convicted of attempted murder in the first degree last month for shooting a man, Willie Jones, who met him to buy marijuana last October. Edwards shot Jones and robbed him of $550, then fled.

The shooting happened at 48th and Camden Avenues North. Edwards and Jones knew each other from prison, and Edwards was listed in Jones' cellphone as "Shorty C," prosecutors revealed in the criminal complaint.

Jones survived the shooting because he blocked the bullets with both arms, but he required major surgery to repair fractures and artery damage in his right arm.

Edwards was sentenced to more than 18 years in prison.

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I'd like to see this guy experience "Donta's Inferno".............


Love it - two jail birds shooting another.. Give them guns, and let them shoot themselves! This guy is scum of the earth.

the system is flawed
the system is flawed

More then 18 years? Why not life? After all, he tried to take at least one....


With his current mentality mixed with the 18 years of hanging with hard core criminals, I'm sure when he gets out and no one wants to hire him he will be a stand up citizen.  In this case the victim wasn't really innocent but if he was it would still be 18yrs.  Guess we just have to wait until enough politicians have loved ones fall by the gun of a criminal for shit to change.

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