Dan Feidt, producer of DRE drug scandal video, talks about Occupy, police, and the war on drugs

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Based on how intoxicated some of the Peavey Plaza protesters seemed to be after they were returned downtown by police, Feidt said it's possible that police were giving out more than just marijuana.

Police are "incredibly unlikely to check [the pot] to see whether it was laced with anything. Nobody ever established the purity of these drugs they were handing out," he said.
Feidt: "The war on drugs is a corrupt Wall Street scam."

From the broadest standpoint, Feidt believes the DRE scandal is a direct consequence of the war on drugs and the punitive, dehumanizing approach that authorities take toward drug users.

"The whole point of [DRE] is to take regular officers from rural districts and bring them into the loop of the war on drugs, train them to treat people like objects and not to look for treatment or to deescalate situations," Feidt said. "It gets to the larger nature of the war on drugs and the effort to get officers to treat people like objects."

"The war on drugs is just this unbelievably messed-up system. It's a huge policy failure," Feidt said, adding that the way lawmakers compartmentalize the financial crimes associated with drug dealing is "unbelievable."

"Everybody has had some kind of sketchy drug-war experience, and that's why people can relate to the video," he said.

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