Downtown Journal's website brought down by HellFire hacker [PHOTO]

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Someone who calls him or herself HellFire made headlines today.
Folks checking the Downtown Journal's website for Minneapolis news today were in for a surprise.

The Journal's website was paralyzed throughout the day after it was hacked be someone calling him or herself HellFire.

Today's top story? "Hacked by HellFire." A photo of a flaming skull was splashed across the middle of the page, with a "!! HellFire Was Here! !!" message above.

Here's a screengrab of the Journal's site taken around 1 p.m. today:
DT journal.JPG
To get an idea of how the Journal's site usually looks, here's screengrab taken today of the Journal's sister website, the Southwest Journal:
SW Journal.JPG
It sounds like Journal staff knows next to nothing about HellFire's identity or motives, though the Southwest Journal's Dylan Thomas tweeted in jest that HellFire "is just the new intern. No big deal." A Google search didn't turn up any information either.

By 1:30 p.m., the site had been de-hacked and was back to normal, meaning HellFire's run as the Journal's top story lasted about four hours.

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$20 says they are using a widely distributed CMS as their backend and hadn't patched it.  Once vulnerabilities are discovered and patches have been released for them, the vulnerability is published in detail making it a simple matter for "hackers" to exploit unpatched systems.

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