Dumbest criminal ever steals camera, records himself taunting Wisconsin police, is arrested [VIDEO]

Houaka Yang.jpg
"This is me. Hi!"
You have to wonder how Houaka Yang mustered the brain power to figure out how to operate the damn thing.

Yang, 20, stole a camera from an unlocked car outside the La Crosse home of Bill Feehan, a Republican state Senate candidate. He then shot a short video with the camera, introducing himself and confessing to the theft.

"This is my house, yes, and a stolen camera that I stole," Yang says during one particularly brilliant passage in the video. "But it's ok, the cops won't figure it out." Yes, it'll be especially hard for them given that you just went on camera and confessed!

The La Crosse Tribune reports that Yang has a history of stealing stuff from cars. On May 11, he and a 13-year-old accomplice broke into several vehicles, including one with the camera,  during an eight-minute crime spree that was caught on a home surveillance video system. Authorities watched the tape, recognized Yang and arrested him, capturing the camera and a number of other stolen items in the process.

On Monday, Chris Rochester, Feehan's spokesman, was filming Gov. Scott Walker's visit to La Crosse with the stolen-and-returned camera when he finally noticed Yang's unbelievably stupid confession clip.

"I was surprised," Rochester told the Tribune. "It goes into Jay Leno's stupid criminals." He later uploaded the video for our collective viewing pleasure.

And on that note, here's footage of the Stupidest Criminal Ever:

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It's a crime we have seen far too often--dumb asses filming themselves committing crimes. This time the perp happened to steal the camera he used to film himself. Weird?  What about some punk pervert filling cupcakes with semen and then serving them to classmates? What about a complete washout loser in his 30's hurling deadly projectiles through the windshields of oncoming vehicles? Minnesota, Wisconsin, meh.  They are all dumb ass criminals. Perhaps it's time to shitcan the "Weird Wisconsin" category. 


And people wonder why the jails and prisons are full of idiots? OH I mean criminals! 

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