Guns make you safer? Minneapolis gun permit holder robbed with own pistol

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Willie Merriweather.jpg
Merriweather allegedly used a man's own handgun to perpetrate a robbery in south Mpls.
It's often argued that guns deter crime. Of course, one counter-example doesn't refute that line of argument, but still... consider this story evidence that packing heat can sometimes come back to haunt the person doing the packing.

According to Minneapolis police, an adult male lawfully carrying a pistol was walking home near 31st St. E. and 3rd Ave. S. on May 21 when a man walking the other way down the street suddenly slammed the victim into a parked car. The victim's arm was injured.

As the suspect searched the incapacitated victim, he took the man's gun and put it to his head, demanding all his valuables, and the victim forked over his wallet. In other words, he was robbed with his own gun.

The victim managed to call 911, and shortly after the incident officers observed a male matching the description of the suspect walking near the crime scene. Convicted felon Willie Merriweather, 34, was arrested and has been charged with first-degree aggravated assault.

Merriweather must've ditched the pistol sometime between the robbery and being arrested, as police never found it.

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