In scene reminiscent of Breaking Bad, St. Paul police bust mobile meth lab

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A St. Paul mobile meth lab may have been inspired by Breaking Bad's Walter White.
In Breaking Bad, Walter and Jesse begin their meth-cooking career by cooking in the back of an RV in New Mexico.

The hit show may have inspired copycat cookers right here in the Twin Cities, as St. Paul police yesterday arrested two men suspected of cooking meth in the back of an SUV.

Following up on a call about a suspicious vehicle, police found two men inside a GMC Jimmy in the Dayton's Bluff area. Police handcuffed the men and searched the vehicle after an officer spotted a handgun poking out from under the front passenger seat.

According to the Pioneer Press, inside the vehicle police found several chemical bottles, a butane torch, measuring spoons, and other drug-related items. They didn't find methamphetamine but believe the SUV may have been a mobile lab because of the presence of numerous chemicals used to make the drug.

Allen Haugen, 32, of St. Paul, and Patrick Reiman, 25, of Excelsior, were arrested on suspicion of possession of controlled substances and possession of a firearm by an ineligible person. They're being held in Ramsey County Jail but neither has yet been charged.

Sergeant Paul Paulos of the St. Paul Police Department told the PiPress that finding mobile meth labs isn't "an everyday occurrence." He characterized such operations as "extremely dangerous" whether at home or on the road due to the possibility the combustible chemicals used to cook meth might cause an explosion.
Kentucky police found a meth lab in a 1991 Accord. Seriously!

Mobile operations have recently been discovered in other parts of the country. In one recent and relatively high-profile case, a 1991 Honda housing a mobile meth lab crashed into a tree in Kentucky "for unknown reason," killing one passenger and seriously injuring two others. Might we be so bold to suggest the crash had something to do with the presence of a drug cooking operation in a car barely big enough to comfortably accommodate four average-sized people?

Perhaps both the St. Paul and Kentucky mishaps could've been avoided had the mobile meth cookers studied Breaking Bad a little closer. After all, Walt and Jesse never would've cooked while driving, nor would they have gotten caught chilling in their RV in an urban area. It's all about the details!

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Lol this dude said tax meth...i mean the war on drugs is something that needs to end but I'm against legalizing meth. Seen to many people fall victim to the drug. I've also seen a lot of people fall victim to alcoholism but that's legal so its hard to know what that solution is, but I do know meth shouldn't be readily available for everybody.

linbegone 1 Like

 Unless you reverse prohibition on all intoxicants you're "war on people" will just continue. If the war is to be stopped the gubmint needs to step in and regulate its production. Legalized distribution to adults is easier to regulate than underground labs selling to whom ever they wish. It's either got to be regulated by the state or the black market. Pick one.

Liquor and cigs are regulated drugs, why can't the rest be thrown into the mix?


Truth, you are an idiot... 

Andy H.
Andy H. 1 Like

Intelligent well written response.  Although, Truth was a bit intense in their response, a bit of open minded research would tell you that Truth is right.  This "war on drugs" is an undeniable money pit of failure.  Like all wars it benefits the few at the cost of many.

Truth 1 Like

The only criminals here are the police, prosecutors, and legislators who've lined their pockets and built their careers perpetrating heinous kidnappings, false imprisonments, and extortions such as this. They've destroyed more families and lives than the use of all 'illegal' drugs combined. All involved in this declared war on the proletariat should be tried for treason, among other things.

Meth labs should be FDA, OSHA, and EPA regulated. The products should be taxed.

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

"possession of a firearm by an eligible person"Well at least his gun was legal.

I wonder where they are pulling their "E" from?Especially after the MN legislature made a law which required a photo ID to buy pseudoephedrine and put into a DEA registry.

Don't laws fix problems?Or have the criminals become smarter than our lawmakers...


Thanks for pointing out the typo, Kirk. It's fixed. 

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