Jenna Schultz, 26-year-old student teacher, allegedly sent Simley senior nude photo, sexts

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Schultz, while allegedly trying to seduce a student: "[I] can see why they advise against this but I just had to break all the rules."
Last week, we told you about Dakota County middle-schoolers who got themselves suspended because of smartphone-snapped inappropriate photos. This week, another Dakota County sex scandal has emerged, this one suggesting teachers are equally capable of landing themselves in very hot water for using modern technology while under the influence of too many hormones.

Jenna Schultz, 26, worked as a student teacher at Simley High School in Inver Grove Heights until last Thursday, when a 17-year-old male senior outed her for sending criminally inappropriate sexts and Facebook messages.

Police say one of the messages contained a photograph of Schultz "completely naked" with her leg raised. Schultz also messaged the boy about possible "changes" to his grades and asked whether he was in a relationship, the complaint says.

In one message, Schultz writes that she's "not sure if you are a boy or a man" and that she "can see why they advise against this but I just had to break all the rules." Perhaps regretting the messages a little later, she then wrote back and said, "Damn what was I thinking..."

The complaint says Schultz sent the messages between May 11 and May 14. A few days later, the boy cut off all contact with Schultz, saying she was "annoying" him. He reported the messages to school officials last Thursday.

When Schultz was called into the office that same day and asked to explain the messages, she told officials she lost a flash drive that contained personal photos, the idea being that someone had somehow gotten their hands on the drive and then distributed the contents to the 17-year-old student.

Schultz acknowledged she took the nude photo of herself in the bathroom of her Minnetonka home, but said she couldn't recall sending it -- "[I] must have been really drunk," she told police.

After her initial court appearance last Friday, Schultz bailed herself out of jail for $30,000, the Pioneer Press reports. Her next court appearance is scheduled for July 23. She faces two felony stalking charges and a misdemeanor change of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. If convicted, Schultz faces up to a half-decade in prison.

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