Jim Graves, Democratic challenger to Rep. Michele Bachmann: The City Pages interview

CP: What aspects of Congresswoman Bachmann's legislative record do you plan to highlight as you hit the campaign trail this summer and fall?

Graves: She has not been effective. Her record is nonexistent. She hasn't been the sponsor of one bill that's ever been passed, she's in the lower eight percentile of co-sponsorship of passed bills, hasn't worked to extend the Northstar Rail. The new bridge up in St. Cloud was building in spite of her, not because of her. She has a very low rating as far as being present on the floor voting. She has been an ineffective leader by all metrics, but a lot of people know that anyway.
Northstar Commuter Rail.jpg
Graves plans to focus on economic development, not divisive social issues.

CP: If elected, what will be some of your top legislative priorities as congressman?

Graves: My priorities will revolve around economic development. Extending the Northstar Rail, getting roadways built, stimulating the economy. I'm going to be a problem-solver. The tenor of my representation is going to be so different from [Bachmann's]. I know how to bring people together, and she does the opposite. Do you want somebody representing your district who goes to Washington and polarizes people? Who calls the president -- the CEO of our company -- bad names? I'm a problem solver who brings people together, she's a divider, a problem creator.

CP: Some have said the 6th District is too conservative to support a congressional candidate who is pro-choice and anti-same sex marriage ban. How do you respond to those people?

Graves: Don't underestimate the people of the 6th District. They want me to talk about the economy, jobs. They aren't interested in personal issues. You know, I'm a libertarian when it comes to that stuff. Let the synagogues and churches deal with social issues. I'm more interested in the economy and I think people will understand that. We respect people, everyone in the district -- that's the message we want to give. I think oftentimes people underestimate the people of the district.

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But Michelle is a perfect reflection of Minnesota:  Mean, nasty, ineffective, hateful.  Just like all the other Minnesotans I have met here.

Mn Voter
Mn Voter

It's not a stepping stone - better check the ego there Jim. By way, how many foreign workers are working in your properties on government visas?

You never worked for the city council but know people that have. Have you ever volunteered your personal time for military, state or charity where it didn't help your business?


You're a breath of fresh air Jim!!  Best of luck!!


There are many foreign workers who contribute to the U.S. by paying taxes! Use critical thinking and stop being xenophobic. Many come here on government visas and contribute to our economy by paying taxes, creating business and in turn hiring Americans. Farouk Shami is a perfect example, his hair care products are big business and instead of shipping jobs overseas, he tries to employ Americans. Look it up.

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