Joe Cowley, Chicago sportswriter and alleged MN resident, in trouble after sexist Twitter rant

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Cowley is a misogynist who allegedly writes about Chicago sports from Minnesota.
Joe Cowley is a sports columnist for the Chicago-Sun Times. So naturally, you'd think he lives in Chicagoland, right?

Wrong. Cowley reportedly lives in the Twin Cities area, and he may have been flying from MSP to Chicago when he unleashed an absurdly sexist Twitter rant that has almost cost him his job.

Time Out Chicago reports that Cowley has been placed on "final notice" -- one step away from firing -- after disparaging women with a string of sexist tweets he offered up while on a plane.

Cowley, who is no stranger to controversy, kicked off his sexist rant with some general disparagement of flight attendants:
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From there, things started heading in a slightly sexist direction:
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Cowley then turned his fire toward his plane's female pilot:
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The "chick pilot" remark drew a rebuke from Sloane Martin, a female New York-based sportswriter. But Cowley, instead of apologizing, actually doubled down with the sexism. Here's their exchange:
cowley tweet 4.jpg
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Then finally, in the words of Deadspin, Cowley offered up the coup de grâce:
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The Sun-Times' reaction was swift -- Time Out reports that as soon as Cowley's flight landed, his Twitter account was sacked under orders from sports editor Chris DeLuca, who had called Cowley's cell phone demanding the deletion. With Cowley now on "final notice," his next controversy will probably be his last as an employee of the Sun-Times.

Time Out's report elicited the following comment from a reader named Ray Barone:
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The allegation that Cowley lives in the Twin Cities was noticed by Twin Cities journalist David Brauer, then affirmed by people who have heard Cowley say during radio appearances that he indeed lives in Minnesota: Since Cowley lives here anyway, perhaps Sun-Times editors could punish his almost unbelievable misogyny by forcing him to cover the WNBA's Chicago Sky when they come to town this summer to play our beloved Lynx.

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 Wow, the Sun-Times pays writers enough to aerocommute to work? I gotta send them my application! I don't have any writing credentials, but I'm SURE I can come up with some really sexist commentary if I try.  "Them dames, how 'bout 'em, eh?"


Someone should probably examine him for a brain tumor.  I don't think it's possible to be that much of a self-absorbed asshole without a medical excuse.

Also, Twitter is nothing but a sounding board for assholes to get more attention.  Do any well-adjusted adults use it?


 They're not dames, bro; they're chicks, because apparently it's 1992.

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