Katie Burgess talks CeCe McDonald case, judicial system [VIDEO]

Katie Burgess alleges CeCe McDonald was treated unfairly by the court system.
This week's feature, "The Edge of Doubt," examines the controversial trial of Chrishaun "CeCe" McDonald, a transgender woman accused of murdering Dean Alvin Schmitz outside the Schooner Tavern last summer.

Since the charges were filed almost a year ago, advocates for McDonald have amassed all over the world. They say she was the victim of a brutal attack outside the bar that night, that she was lucky to survive, and should never have been charged with the crime.

The weekend before the trial began, we sat down with Katie Burgess, executive director of the Trans Youth Support Group, to talk about why the case has made such an impact.

Burgess alleges that the case is representative of discrimination toward transgender people that is perpetuated by the court system, citing statistics from two studies (found here and here).

"It just caught fire so fast," says Burgess about McDonald's support. "Folks that were hearing about her case were so enraged."

Here's Burgess, in her own words, on why McDonald's case has resonated across the world:

Check City Pages Friday for a video summary of our interview with Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman, who denies that race or gender played into the decision to charge McDonald.

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    Correction for Andy: you mean Trans Youth Support Network, not Trans Youth Support Group.

    To "not predjudism": Read the police reports. While they are not sympathetic to CeCe, they do discredit your version of the events as they transpired.

    not predjudism
    not predjudism

    I know the woman and man involved in this. Dean the man who was killed and his girlfriend. His girlfriend was attacked by herself by more then one of the transgenders. She doesnt have a prejudiced bone in her body. Her bf walked out of the bar and saw his gf being beaten. He tried to stop it and was knifed to death. Leaving behind children and a family. This is not about transgender it's about someone knifing an unarmed person to death, not in self defense but rather in cold blooded anger. She or he as the case may be outright murdered him.

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