Michael Brodkorb lawsuit costs state $46,150 so far

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Michael Brodkorb's threatened lawsuit is costing taxpayers
Michael Brodkorb's lawsuit against the state of Minnesota has cost the state $46,150 so far, according to the Associated Press.

Brodkorb was fired by the Senate last December after his girlfriend, Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch, resigned her position following a confrontation with her fellow Republican legislators. Koch and Brodkorb were both cheating on their spouses.

Brodkorb formerly served as communications chief for the MNGOP Senate caucus, and was a top power broker in the party. He has since threatened to file lawsuits against the Senate for defamation and gender discrimination, although he has not formally sued.

The invoice obtained by the Associated Press only covers the first three months of the year, so it's fair to assume Brodkorb's potential litigation has cost the state even more than the public tally.

Brodkorb's defamation claim stems from a statement released by Secretary of the Senate Cal Ludeman, who accused Brodkorb of trying to "extort" a payment from the Senate.

Brodkorb's scandal has cost him and paramour Koch their political careers. His threatened lawsuit is a constant horror to Minnesota Republicans due to Brodkorb's suggestion earlier this spring that he would depose all lawmakers reputed to have had affairs as a way to prove that he was unfairly fired.

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Mark Gisleson
Mark Gisleson

Before Michael Brodkorb went "legit," he routinely socialized with local political reporters, sharing gossip and pretending to be a human being.

This story is as much an indictment of local political reporters as it is of the hypocrisy of the Minnesota Republican party.

Dr. J
Dr. J

I love that Republicans employ a scum hack like Brodkorb whose sole purpose was to troll Democrats with annoying offensive statements but now act surprised when he is "trying to "extort" a payment from the Senate."     Lay down with dogs wake up with fleas Republicans.  I hope he exposes the stupid scum of the Republican Party.  Everyone with a brain knows their religious piety is bullshit.  They play the religious right like the stupid suckers they are. 

Mike W.
Mike W.

Pardon me whilst I laugh uproariously at the travails of the party which preaches "fiscal responsibility".  The irony, it burns....


This guy is a piece of steaming excrement

Daniel F Boone
Daniel F Boone

  It's inexcusable that Senate Republicans expect Minnesota taxpayers to pick up the tab for their morally challenged and dysfunctional leadership.  

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