Michele Bachmann becomes a Swiss citizen, hilarity ensues [CARTOONS]

If Michele can't beat "socialists" here at home, she can now join them in Switzerland.
If Michele Bachmann loses her U.S. House seat to Jim Graves this November, she could always try her hand at running for parliament in Switzerland.

That's because on March 19, Bachmann became a Swiss citizen. Her spokeswoman explained that because Marcus Bachmann is of Swiss descent, he and Michele have been eligible for dual citizenship since their wedding in 1978. Minnesota's favorite couple recently decided to pursue dual citizenship after some of their children expressed interest in taking advance of daddy's Swiss-ness.

That got us thinking -- if our parents were Marcus and Michele, we'd probably want to move to Europe as soon as possible too.

As the Huffington Post notes, Michele's dual citizenship comes with a twist of irony. Switzerland has nearly universal health care coverage and mandates that its citizens purchase health insurance. But Bachmann, of course, is one of the most outspoken critics of Obamacare and the individual mandate included in the president's health care initiative.

News of Michele's Swiss citizenship prompted Twin Cities cartoonist and blogger Ken Avidor to go to work. Avidor, who these days is doing some drawing for Crowded Comics, was nice enough to share a couple of his Bachmann-is-a-Swiss-miss cartoons with us.

Here's one from Crowded Comics adorned with a submitted caption. If you think you can do better, check out the site and submit your own:
Avidor Swiss Michele 2.jpg
And here's another of Marcus and Michele enjoying each other's company in the Swiss foothills:
Avidor Marcus and Michele.jpeg

The news also elicited some LOL-worthy tweets. Here's a collection of some choice ones: Surely you'll be shocked to learn there aren't any Tea Partiers in the Swiss parliament. Could Michele export the revolution floundering movement she's identified with to Europe? As entertaining as her running for elected office in Europe would be, we kinda doubt it.

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