Minneapolis sixth-horniest city; St. Paul considerably less aroused, study finds

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The study finds there's a market opportunity for I'm Horny bars in Fargo.
A new study by Men's Health magazine finds that Minneapolitans are pretty damn horny. St. Paulites? Let's just say there probably isn't as much Viagra being sold on that side of the river.

Minneapolis graded out as the sixth-horniest city in land; St. Paul clocked in 29th place, one spot ahead of Madison; and Fargo, it turns out, is the ninth-least horned-up city out of the 100 surveyed.

Isn't the North Dakota Capitol basically just a gigantic penis on the prairie? What gives?

Here's how Men's Health came up with their horniness rankings:
We peered through a statistical peephole to tabulate the following criteria: the number of DVDs purchased, rented, or streamed (AdultDVDEmpire.com); adult entertainment stores per city (StorErotica.net); rate of porn searches (Google Insights); and, for fans of soft-core, percentage of Cinemax-subscribing households (SimplyMap).
Orlando turned out to be the horniest city. Florida as a whole is the most sexed-up state, with three cities in the top 12. The limpest area surveyed is Jackson, Mississippi, with both Fargo and Lincoln ranking among the ten least-randy towns.

Here's the top ten:
1. Orlando
2. Las Vegas
3. Wilmington
4. Raleigh
5. Charlotte
6. The Home of Prince
7. Atlanta
8. Tampa
9. Anchorage
10. Austin

Imagine a world where companies like Vivid Entertainment got creative and started shooting hipster-themed porns... maybe something like Chillwave Gone Wild. If such a genre existed, Minneapolis would no doubt rise to the top of the charts. St. Paul might rise a little bit more, too.

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does this have anything do with postings on criagslist!? :)


Very poor analysis, folks. From bitter personal experience, I'm here to tell you that all of the indicators that you cite reflect UNREQUITED horniness. The guys who've been chowing down the Viagra presumably made good use of it. When flailing the scepter, I've never once given thought to making it last for another round. That's mostly about housekeeping. You know, dust the drapes, iron the shirts, wax the floor,....


The problem here is that social habits play into erotica consumption.  Perhaps Minneapolitans are just not getting as much action as St. Paulites and so fill the void with erotica.  While there is probably some correlation with erotica consumption and sex drive, but given the level of introversion here I think its very possible folks here are more apt to turn to erotica rather than seek the real deal.  Also, Minneapolis' relative wealth might be a factor, most of the indicators used cost money.  We all know that there's lots of free erotica out there.  Lastly, perhaps St. Paulites are just as horny as those across the river, but are more religious or fearful of being discovered with erotica.


No state capitol building resembles a penis quite like Nebraska's. There's even a statue on top called the Golden Sower, and he's throwing out seed.

Dennis Brekke
Dennis Brekke

"Imagine a world where companies like Vivid Entertainment got creative and started shooting hipster-themed porns... "

Vivid has already done this. VividALT. Look it up.


That's not fair.  Does Jackson, Mississippi even have the internet?


no thats why so many WHITES are loosing there minds....cant produce...ADD..AUTISM...OCD.....BIRTH IS BECOMING A PROBLEM


@ludwigtr Not only do they have internet, but Jackson's as into wife-swapping as Minneapolis and the Bay Area are.

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