Minnesota police giving Peavey Plaza Occupy-ers drugs as part of impairment study, report says [VIDEO]

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Another young man who was picked up downtown said officers had him roll a joint of marijuana in the back of a squad car and told him to "hold it down, underneath the window."

The cops "behaved like drug dealers," the man said.

A young woman who was picked up by officers told journalists the program is about "trying to observe the characteristics of certain drugs so when [police] pull people over they know what they're looking at."

Yesterday, the Minneapolis City Council heard testimony about the program at the Public Safety, Civil Rights and Health Committee's meeting. On an e-democracy message board, Councilman Cam Gordon said he hadn't heard of the program before this week.
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Gordon said he hadn't heard about the DRE program until this week.

Gordon said he was called Tuesday night by a "concerned mother who was very upset because her son had been given free drugs by a police officer when he went out to participate in what he thought would be social action in a public plaza to help improve his community and country."

"She felt that it was the police's responsibility to help keep her son safe and protect him from harm... She recalled how often those wishing to profit from the sale of drugs often used free samples to help get people 'hooked' and almost could not believe that here it was the police giving her son a sample with apparent total disregard for his welfare," Gordon wrote.

He concluded: "If the Minneapolis Police are involved in this program I will push that our participation be suspended immediately and that we discontinue all involvement in it in the future."

Michele Gross, president of Communities United Against Police Brutality, said "I think most people would be very surprised to have our tax dollars used to get people high."

Here's the video report:

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