Mpls-based Jostens gives graduates diplomas with 'education' spelled 'eduation'

jostens diploma.jpg
Jostens' C-less diplomas got an F grade.
'Now hiring: Jostens company; Location: Minneapolis; Position: Copy-editor'

If that job posting doesn't already exist, it should -- Minneapolis-based Jostens, a company that makes yearbooks, class rings, and other "education"-related trinkets -- finds itself taking a bit of PR beating after a student at a Colorado high school recently pointed out to school administrators that on his diploma, 'education' was spelled 'eduation.' Oops!

Making things even worse is Jostens' admission that not only did they botch this year's diplomas, but they also misspelled 'education' on last year's batch as well. Apparently, you can get by without a copy-editor when the students receiving your diplomas don't ever bother to read them closely.

Joe Ferdani, director of communications for Thornton, Colorado's Adams 12 Five Star School District, isn't taking the misspelling lightly.

"We certainly don't want any of the words to be misspelled. It's unfortunate that it's actually that word that got misspelled," he said. "The good news here is this is something that's fixable."

Jostens spokesman Rich Strobe attributed the gaffe to "human error" and said his company is printing new diplomas for all of Thornton's Class of 2011 and Class of 2012. Thankfully, it appears to be an isolated incident, as students at other schools haven't come forward to report spelling gaffes on their diplomas. Then again, maybe they just haven't bothered to look close enough to notice.

Perhaps Jostens, like so many other businesses in this recession-wracked economy, can't afford to bring aboard a copy-editor right now. If that's the case, we have another, cheaper suggestion -- just run the damn diploma text through a spell-check before printing them off.

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You might also want to run a related content checker on this page. 


This what happens when there is a MONOPOLY on graduation items, or even school related products for that matter. They hire cheap careles labor because there isn't any competition.

Alex Williamson
Alex Williamson

These diplomas may have been done on letterpress, where type is set by hand. No spellcheck is available with hand-set type. However, spelling is an absolutely neccesary skill for type setters. The font makes it hard to catch misspellings. I haven't read the other comments. Maybe others have pointed this out too.

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