Natalie Kane says "Let's fart" on live TV, WCCO posts footage [VIDEO]

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WCCO is having fun with Kane's inadvertent fart joke.
Natalie Kane apparently had gas on the mind early yesterday morning.

During a segment about microwaveable meals on WCCO's This Morning show, Kane uttered what may have been a Freudian slip, saying "let's fart" when she meant to say "let's start."

"I'm just going to go ahead and recognize that I said it," Kane said immediately afterward as she and her co-hosts had some hearty chuckles.

Kane also owned the slip-up on Twitter:
Here's the video WCCO apparently wants you to see... but more on that later:
It happens, right? Something to have a chuckle about and forget. But WCCO's response to Kane's gaffe has been interesting. Rather than ignore the slip-up, the station actually posted Kane's 34-second rootin' and tootin' clip on its website.

As A.V. Club Twin Cities notes: "Thankfully, we now live in the age where instead of the network quietly ignoring the gaffe, they publicize it themselves on their website and Facebook page, just so that they can get the page views instead of say... City Pages, or... us."

Hey, there's more than enough for all of us to share, right?

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They should have picked her up on camera and catch her blushing.


Wow. One of the most news-worthy items I've ever laid my eyes on.


I'm confused... Girls don't fart.  How do they know what they are?

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