North Siders upset about city of Minneapolis's tree-planting tornado commemoration

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City officials planted a tree to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Northside tornado.
Today, via the city's Facebook page, Minneapolis officials announced they "observed the anniversary of the May 22 tornado this morning by planting a tree on the North Side."

To which some North Siders are responding: "A single tree? That's it?"

They'd like to see more than a single tree. Or, even better, more investment in a historically downtrodden part of town.

Here's how the kerfuffle unfolded:

Northside tornado Twitpic.jpg
The controversial tree was planted by Mayor R.T. Rybak, City Council members, and Tree Trust workers in the front yard of Janet Carstens, whose husband, Rob MacIntyre, died while trying to help neighbors clean up after the storm.

Sure, it's a nice gesture, and all of north Minneapolis's problems can't be solved at once. But who can argue with North Side residents who want to see the city do more than plant trees to revitalize their poverty-stricken neighborhoods?

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