North Siders upset about city of Minneapolis's tree-planting tornado commemoration

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City officials planted a tree to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Northside tornado.
Today, via the city's Facebook page, Minneapolis officials announced they "observed the anniversary of the May 22 tornado this morning by planting a tree on the North Side."

To which some North Siders are responding: "A single tree? That's it?"

They'd like to see more than a single tree. Or, even better, more investment in a historically downtrodden part of town.

Here's how the kerfuffle unfolded:

Northside tornado Twitpic.jpg
The controversial tree was planted by Mayor R.T. Rybak, City Council members, and Tree Trust workers in the front yard of Janet Carstens, whose husband, Rob MacIntyre, died while trying to help neighbors clean up after the storm.

Sure, it's a nice gesture, and all of north Minneapolis's problems can't be solved at once. But who can argue with North Side residents who want to see the city do more than plant trees to revitalize their poverty-stricken neighborhoods?

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Another meaningless photo op for R. T.


I dont want to hear it! People knew what they were getting into when they purchase homes on the NORTHside of Minneapolis. Deal with it, wait it out..isn't that what ur realtor said..?


Apparently, sports millionaires 'problems' can be solved all-at-once though........

Marie Porter
Marie Porter

As I commented on their page:

"You designated a single tree, when thousands have been/are being planted? How.. meaningful?

Why was there no information before it happened? NO ONE seems to have heard about this before last night, and you still haven't made mention of where this took place. How is THAT commemorative in the slightest? Not gonna lie, kinda feels like you pulled this non-event out of your asses at the last possible minute."

The thing is, I know that more than one person asked the city if they were doing anything - ahead of time - and were met with silence. Last night when I asked them, they mentioned planting a tree... in passing, with no other information. When I asked for location/time, they never replied.

It's just such a stark contrast to all of the public crowing they've done about EVERYTHING they feel the need to pat themselves on the back over.

On the first anniversary of the bridge collapse, the city held a big public event, with the dedication of a memorial monument. It was advertised ahead of time, and it was a way for the community to come together, grieve, support each other, and reflect.

Why did the tornado not merit any sort of city-hosted public event?

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