Pickup crashes through Gordie's Bar in Little Canada, pins patrons between bar and truck [PHOTOS]

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Gordies 1 crop.jpg
Photos by Hilary Stein for City Pages
No, Gordie's isn't installing a patio.
The day drinkers at Gordie's in Little Canada got a little more than they bargained for Wednesday afternoon.

Around 1:30 p.m., bartender Pat Sazenski was talking Twins with some regulars when he looked outside and saw a telephone pole crash to the ground. Seconds later, a navy pickup truck came barreling right through the side of the building, pinning four patrons between the vehicle and the bar as the truck's wheels continued to spin.

Though the incident remains under investigation, police said they believe the 51-year-old driver had a diabetic reaction while driving and lost control of the car, crashing into the pole before barreling smashing through Gordie's. Six people, including the driver, were transported to Regions Hospital for treatment, with two victims sustaining serious injuries.

As news of the incident circulated on social media, we dispatched photographer Hilary Stein to take some shots of the scene. Here's what she captured:
Gordies 1.JPG
Gordies bar.JPG
Gordies bar 2.JPG
Gordies cleanup.JPG
Gordies debris.JPG
Gordies hole.JPG
Gordies tape.JPG
Looks like just the sort of things that calls for a stiff drink. Let's hope Gordie's gets all the damage fixed and can resume servin' 'em up to Little Canada drinkers again soon.

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