Porn Prom reduced to house party

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Porn prom just got a lot more crashable.
It appears that Mike Stone will not be able to pull off the lavish Porn Prom celebration he's been planning since March. His desire to take porn star Megan Piper to the Tartan High School prom this weekend generated lots of virtual fist bumps, but it seems folks weren't willing to put their money where their #Porn4Prom hashtag was.

A lack of funds and venue has not deterred the most persistent prom-enthusiast in history. He's continuing on with a downsized event at his home.

Not only that, he also hasn't stopped asking girls out on Twitter.

Stone -- an 18-year-old senior at Tartan -- sent 600 tweets to hundreds of adult film stars asking them to be his date to prom. He received a tidal wave of rejections, blow-offs, and put-downs. Two of the ladies, however, said yes -- Megan Piper and Emy Reyes (Reyes later tweet-scinded her offer). Stone just had to come up with airfare.

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Mike Stone

The school district superintendent, however, decreed that no porn star would be allowed in the door on May 12. In response, Stone and Piper dreamed up Porn Prom in a series of phone calls, and announced it would happen down the street from the Landmark Center, where Tartan's official prom is taking place. At first, Porn Hub promised to fly Piper out and pay for her limo, hotel, and meals. Then Stone opened up a PayPal account for donations. He even started talking about selling t-shirts.

Despite the ensuing media blitz, the interest never translated into funds. Stone told the Pioneer Press that he only raised $300. Porn Hub quietly faded into the background. And, surprisingly, Stone struggled to find a nearby hotel who thought any of this sounded like a good idea.

So, Stone says Porn Prom will happen in his home, with Piper and his friends.

The king and queen of Porn Prom will also appear in a Daily Show segment airing Thursday. Piper tweeted super enthusiastically about it on her way into town:

Although she said she is 100 percent committed to going on a date with Stone on Saturday, Piper made it clear in an interview with City Pages that she has a boyfriend. Which is perhaps why Stone is still looking for that somebody special on Twitter. He's sent hopeful tweets to a student at the Aveda Institute, porn actress Lisa Daniels, Mariah Carey, and Jersey Shore's Deena.

Frankly, Deena should probably go for it. A Jersey-girl at Porn Prom is weird enough to keep her relevant for three more seconds.

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