Rachel Toberman, train wreck St. Paul lawyer, is awaiting discipline, can still practice law

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Would you want this woman representing you in court?
Rachel Toberman, licensed to practice law in Minnesota in 2008, presumably had her shit together at one point. She does not have her shit together now.

On May 8, the state board that monitors lawyers' ethics recommended that Toberman have her license suspended by the Minnesota Supreme Court. The recommendation comes a year after Toberman landed herself in trouble with the law thanks to an outrageous incident at Sweeney's Saloon in St. Paul where she allegedly punched and kicked police officers while swearing and laughing at them.

At the time of that incident, Toberman's legal career was already going down the toilet thanks to her propensity to lie to clients while taking their money and not doing any legal work in return.

According to the Pioneer Press, in November 2009, Toberman agreed to represent both parties during their divorce for a $1,000 flat fee. Only lawyers who are certified as "qualified neutrals" are supposed to represent both parties in divorce cases, and Toberman was not one of them. But that didn't stop her -- she simply lied to the couple and told them she was qualified.

That was far from the last time Toberman would lie to the divorcing couple. In March 2010, she sent an e-mail to the couple informing them she had submitted their divorce petition to the court. In correspondence with the couple, she reaffirmed she had submitted the petition five times over the next seven weeks. In fact, the petition had never been submitted.

Understandably fed up, the husband fired Toberman in May 2010. He requested Toberman return all documents related to the case and won a small-claims court judgment for $575, but the husband has yet to receive either the reimbursement or the divorce documents.
Sweeney's Saloon.jpg
Toberman allegedly created quite the scene at Sweeney's.

While Toberman's legal career was careening off the rails in 2010, her personal life went off the tracks in 2011. On January 16 of that year, she allegedly created quite the scene at Sweeney's Saloon. A patron with a window seat observed Toberman's car run into his vehicle in the parking lot, then watched as she got out of her car and entered the bar. Once she was inside, the man confronted Toberman, but she told him, "I'm a lawyer. You can't prove I was driving," according to the man's recollection of the incident as reported at the time.

The man called police, but when officers arrived Toberman refused to step outside and talk about the incident. She tried to push an officer away, at which time the officer tried to place Toberman under arrest. She responded by punching and kicking the officer. Backup arrived to try and help calm her down, and Toberman punched one of the arriving officers in the lip while laughing.

She was then hauled to jail, where she continued to physically and verbally berate officers. Toberman was ultimately charged with obstructing the legal process and refusing to take a blood alcohol test. The case remains pending.

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