Semen-filled cupcake scandal rocks St. Paul's Como Park High School

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If the allegations are true, then the culprit needs to be banned from baking forever.
A 16-year-old student at St. Paul's Como Park High School brought cupcakes to his classmates on May 9. Nice gesture, right?

Well, it's not so nice when you fill one of the cupcakes with semen and give it to an unsuspecting classmate. And then threaten to burn down the principal's house after you get suspended for lacing your treats with that most illicit of all fluids.

As unbelievable as that all is, it's exactly what's gone down over the last couple of weeks at Como Park High, according to a Pioneer Press report.

The "creamy" cupcake recipient began getting teased by his classmates May 10, the day after he ingested the treat his fellow student gave him. According to St. Paul police spokesman Paul Paulos, the victim's classmates started asking him, "How he could do that, if it tasted funny, things like that, and he heard someone mention that semen was used in the cupcakes." The alleged culprit reportedly targeted only one of his classmates for the semen-filled surprise.
These little guys definitely don't belong in cupcakes.

Unfortunately, the student had already eaten the cupcake, so it will never be conclusively determined whether the 16-year-old who gave it to him is truly one of the most dastardly teenagers in world history.

But the rumor itself was enough to prompt school administration to suspend the cupcake distributor, who then took to Twitter and threatened to burn the principal's house down. The principal reported the threat to police, who haven't arrested the student but have assigned an investigator to look deeper into the situation.

Threatening to burn the principal's house down is one thing, but giving someone a semen-loaded cupcake? That's just wrong, man, so, so, wrong...

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