St. Paul man tied to extortion plot targeting coed who left homemade porn on her stolen laptop

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Latimore was busted while apparently trying to squeeze money out of a coed who didn't want her homemade porn to go viral.
Demonte Latimore, a St. Paul resident and six-time felon, was caught red-handed in an attempt to extort a 20-year-old Ohio State student who left nude photos of herself and sex videos with her boyfriend on her stolen laptop.

In February, police were looking for Latimore, 24, after he was connected with numerous armed robberies. Police happened upon him while searching for a stolen Toyota.

The Toyota was tracked down in the parking lot of St. Paul's Metropolitan University, and there was Latimore, photographing the car with his camera. Police followed him into the school's library, where he was arrested. A semi-automatic handgun was found in his pocket.

Latimore pleaded guilty yesterday to being a felon in possession of a firearm. He faces a minimum of 15 years in prison for that crime, and remains under investigation for the suspected extortion scheme.

Here's how the scheme worked -- on December 5, an Ohio State student on the school's Newark, Ohio campus reported that her laptop went missing in the library. In a locked folder on the computer were nude images of the student along with videos of her having sex with her boyfriend.

Two weeks later, the student began receiving sometimes threatening e-mails demanding she fork over hundreds of dollars in order to keep the racy images from the internet. According to the FBI's Cyber Crime Task Force in Minneapolis, the e-mails came from and The extorter threatened to send the images to Ohio State, porn sites, social networking sites, and the student's friends and family.

The first e-mail read: "Well you don't know me but I'm sure I have something you want very badly back. The question is how BAD.....?? Oh yeah, you have a very lovely body,"

From the Star Tribune:
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A word of advice: When you want to return to this place, use your memory. You don't want homemade porn falling into the wrong hands.
According to the FBI, the suspect sent her a menacing chat message.

"Are U TRYING TO PLAY ME," the writer asked, demanding to know why she hadn't sent any money.

The woman replied, "noo ure scarying me. I'm trying to come up with the money don't post those pictures."

The woman said she could scrape together only $400, but her tormentor demanded more.
Eventually, the extorter went ahead and created a quickly deleted Facebook profile where he posted 35 nude photos and a sex video of the student. The name of the page? "Payme Forsilence."

When police busted Latimore in the Metropolitan University library, they took screengrabs of the computer he was using at the time. Sure enough, he was logged in to Gmail as "bigmoneyyt," and his monitor showed an e-mail exchange detailing the extortion scheme. The student's stolen computer was later found at the apartment where Latimore had been staying.

While Latimore was caught red-handed as the apparent "mastermind" of the ill-fated extortion plot, it remains unclear how he came into possession of the Ohio State student's computer -- he was released from prison one week after the laptop went missing.

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