The Minnesota Twins are more than twice as bad as the second-worst team in baseball

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Yep, this just about sums it up. A routine pop fly falls in between three Twins last night.
The 2012 Minnesota Twins are really frickin' awful.

They're so bad that somewhere out there, Butch Huskey is watching film of last night's 6-2 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays and blushing.

With an 8-23 record, the Twins' winning percentage of .258 is almost .100 points lower than second-worst San Diego. The run differential number is even more telling. Over the course of the season, the Twins have been outscored by a total of 67 runs. That differential is more than twice as bad as second-worst Kansas City, which has only been outscored by 32.

Francisco Liriano is in the bullpen, Danny Valencia is in Triple-A Rochester (which recently endured an eight-game losing streak of its own), Justin Morneau is hurt, fans are staying home, scalpers are broke, and the few folks who are still invested in the team are starting to call for Gardy's head.

For instance, consider this comment on the Strib's game wrap from last night's loss (and notice the thumbs up/thumbs down ratio):
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Gardy, for his part, is pointing the finger at his players. After witnessing a number of defensive debacles during last night's loss, Gardy said, "Things happened out there that really don't happen in high school."

Key players like singles hitter extraordinaire Joe Mauer sound out of answers. Here's what Mauer said after last night's game:
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Once upon a time these guys had something to cheer about.
Trying to stay positive but it has been tough. We haven't pitched. We haven't hit. We haven't played defense. It's tough to win ballgames like that.

We have to figure things out. The guys are pressing. If we keep doing that, things are going to get worse.
Get worse? Is that possible? For crying out loud, you're already more than twice as bad as the second-worst team, Joe!

Here's a couple more Strib reader comments that give you a flavor of how bad things have gotten for the Twins just two years removed from a feel-good division championship season:
twins suck comment 1.jpg
twins suck comment 2.jpg
During the Twins' brief June surge last season, fans on Twitter began to affix an #ItsHappening hastag to Twins-related tweets in reference to the team's propensity for late-season runs. This year? #ItsCrappening.

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a grandpa
a grandpa

stop scratching your heads and wondering what the heck happened. The spirit of days gone by when Hunter popped Morneau for lack of who knows what, or when Gladden kicked Lombardozzis' ass, or when Kirby said jump on my back......... is gone. I don't see one player, not even the baby jesus,who has the spirit of these REAL Twins......


I don't agree with all the "Fire Gardy" sentiment.  He's been one of the best managers in the league for several years--so what happened?  Did he just decide to start being an awful manager this year?  No.  He has a shitty team.  The kneejerk "Fire Gardy" stuff is just the manifestation of simple-minded frustration from people who get way too emotionally invested in professional sports.  If the Twins fire Gardy and they all of a sudden start winning a bunch of games, I'd be very, very surprised.


Citing internet comments on other new sites.... Ok, we're done Rupar.

real fan
real fan

The BLOB - Whats really going on is that the Twins for Many Many of Gardys years were loaded with talent and lots of it(mainly internally raised talent).  I could have managed those teams and won and won manager of the year.  Joe Mauer, Joe Nathan, Justin Morneau, Torii Hunter, Johan Santana were all all star players and for the better part of 5 years it wouldnt matter who managed the team.  Gardy was manager of the year cuz of the all star players not his worthless managment style.  I say fire Gardy, Rick Anderson, Vavra and most importantly Terry Ryan.  Jim Leland of the Tigers is a manager not an Gardy:) FIRE GARDY!!!   

effeminate dad
effeminate dad

I love the idea of a mn alt weekly, but where do they find these people and how do they remain employed? I'd give my left nut to work there but people like Rupar could give a fuck.


Agreed, I'd argue the Twins won all those division titles in spite of Gardy, not because of him. His annoying habit of playing "scrappy" players like Nick Punto over ones who might actually turn into something, say, like Jason Bartlett, didn't matter much when he had Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, Torii Hunter, Michael Cuddyer, Johan Santana, pre-surgery Francisco Liriano and Joe Nathan.

If nothing else, Gardy should be fired for insisting the Twins ditch J.J. Hardy because he "lacked footspeed" despite being a premium defensive shortstop who also hits for power.


So work there you lazy ass.  Or start your own, start a blog, for christ's sake do Something other than bitch about it.



There is your free blog, g'luck.

effeminate dad
effeminate dad

As much as I'd like to work there, they'd never hire me. Hook me up with a loan and I'll start something up Monday.

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