Timothy Marshall pleads guilty to strangling HCMC lab technician

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Timothy Marshall was facing attempted murder, but pleaded to a lesser charge.
Timothy Marshall, the 45-year-old charged with choking a lab technician in a hospital bathroom, pleaded guilty to second-degree assault Tuesday.

Last October, Marshall jumped the technician from behind in a Hennepin County Medical Center bathroom, strangled her to the floor and began punching her in the head, according to Chuck Laszewski, spokesman for the Hennepin County Attorney's Office.

Luckily, another person entered the bathroom and helped free the technician.

Marshall was charged with attempted second-degree murder and multiple assaults of varying degrees. His trial was slated to begin Tuesday, but he pleaded guilty to the lesser charge at the last minute.

He will be officially sentenced July 9, but is expected to get four and a half years in prison, which is an "upward departure from the sentencing guidelines," according to Laszewski.

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As a judge, you would think seeing this kind of thing year after year would pursue them to extend these kind of idiot sentences. Not saying if you get an older judge, you get a longer sentence.  Their careers usually start out as lawyers/prosecutors.  Once you become a judge, isn't there power to convince lawmakers to allow judges to issue higher sentences.  If I wasn't allergic to courtrooms, that would be my calling.


4 1/2 years for this buffoon - he should get life.  Sterilized.  And then made to do hard punishment. 

effeminate dad
effeminate dad

Less one third for "good time". If he gets into treatment, that's usually another six month reduction. After that, if he can get into a halfway house, that's another six month reduction. So basically, he'll be out next week.

Decievious Leroy Johnston Jr.
Decievious Leroy Johnston Jr.

Sterilizing him wouldn't really do much good.  At the age of 45, he probably already has 19 illegitimate babies sucking on the "Welfaya" teet. 

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