Top 10 Minnesota brands with most Facebook likes

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5. Betty Crocker
FB Betty Crocker.jpg

Betty Crocker is all about yummy desserts, Hamburger Helper, and Fruit Roll-Ups. Is it any wonder it's General Mills' most popular brand on Facebook with 1.71 million likes?

4. Dairy Queen
FB Dairy Queen.jpg

There's a huge gap between number five Betty Crocker and number four Dairy Queen -- about 1.6 million Facebook likes, to be exact. DQ's Facebook popularity grew along with its worldwide presence over the past year. The company's 4.78 million Facebook likes are up from 3.29 million at the same time in 2011.

3. Best Buy
FB Best Buy.jpg

Best Buy has been taking a PR beating of late, but you wouldn't know it from the Facebook numbers. The company's Facebook likes grew by almost 100 percent during the last year, from 3.04 million to 5.90 million.

2. Buffalo Wild Wings
FB BWW.jpg

BWW slid to second after being Minnesota's most popular brand on Facebook a year ago, but its 7.32 million Facebook likes still nearly lap the field as far as home-based restaurant brands go. 

1. Target
FB Target.jpg

It's no surprise that Target is number one, but what is a little surprising is how many Facebook likes the company added over the last year. Target has 11.71 million likes, up 156 percent from the 4.57 million it had a year ago. The red bullseye symbolizes what is far and away Minnesota's most popular brand on Facebook.

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