Unemployed 23-year-old who plastered face on Mpls billboard to find job now has one

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Mission accomplished!
Last month, we brought you the story of Bennett Olson, an unemployed 22-year-old Rosemount resident who doled out a few hundo to plaster his face on an electronic billboard towering above I-35W near where it intersects with the Midtown Greenway.

Olson's message was simple -- "Hire me!" And, it turns out, effective. He started last week as a sales and marketing associate for Laser Design & GKS Services, a 3D scanning company in Bloomington.

Reached for comment today, Olson, now 23, said he doesn't think he'd be gainfully employed if it wasn't for the billboard.

"The billboard showed more than just a resume would," Olson said. "It showed the type of person they were looking for: [someone with a] a go-getting, entrepreneurial spirit who takes initiative."
It's good to be gainfully employed when you have a wedding coming up in a few months.

Olson said the vice president of Laser Design contacted him after seeing news reports about the billboard. An interview was set up, and "it moved fast from there."

In his position as sales and marketing associate, Olson will be problem-solving with engineers on their reverse-engineering and inspection needs, educating customers on 3D scanning technology, and providing marketing support in the way of social media campaigns, video, and internet initiatives.

That sounds like a lot of work, but Olson says he's already had "a lot of fun" during his first four days on the job. And if the sales thing doesn't work for him, Olson could always pursue a career in advertising. After all, now that he's gainfully employed, he already has one successful ad campaign under his belt.

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This is a shining example to all those gangsta wannabe thugs - get a job instead of beating up innocent people.  Black people have been claiming they need good role models - can't think of a better one than Obama.  What's changed since then, nothing, they still terrorize downtown.

Tim Martin
Tim Martin

He couldn't have been too badly off if he could afford a billboard... those things are NOT cheap!

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

An example of what might separate the the 1% form the 99.  And more importantly a signal to how many got there...


 This comment has nothing to do with 'gangsta wannabe thugs'... Considering your obvious stereotype of said demographic, one would think you'd be well aware of the fact that most unemployed people cannot spend hundreds of dollars to advertize themselves o electronic billboards.. You're no rockstar, Jonny.

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