VIDEO: Pickup truck slams into Gordie's, pinning Little Canada day-drinkers against bar

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gordie's grab.JPG
Less than a second earlier, this man was kicking back, enjoying a beer.
Earlier today, we told you about how a woman's diabetic reaction rudely cut short an afternoon of drinking for patrons at Gordie's Bar in Little Canada. Her out-of-control truck barreled right through the bar around 1:30 p.m. yesterday, injuring six.

Thankfully, everyone is expected to survive.

In the hours after the accident, surveillance video showing the accident unfold in real time found its way onto YouTube. Moments before the truck made impact, patrons turned their heads, briefly aware that something strange was going on. And then: WHAM! You're pinned up against a bar with a pickup truck wedged into your back. The unbelievable video is embedded after the jump.

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