Vikings stadium receives final approval from Minneapolis City Council on 7-6 vote

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Eat your hearts out, L.A. -- you aren't taking our franchise this time around!
Kevin Reich, in the end, didn't want to risk going down as the man who ran the Vikings out of Minnesota.

The drama is done, folks. This morning, on a 7-6 vote, the Minneapolis City Council gave final, official approval to a funding plan that will construct a new Vikings stadium on the Metrodome site. Groundbreaking is expected to take place next February or March.

Sandra Colvin Roy, one of the two relatively tepid "yay" votes on the council, broke down during today's meeting while discussing how she decided to support the stadium plan while sitting awake by herself at 4 a.m. one recent morning. Reich, the other tepid "yay," said "there's always a better deal out there, but lawmakers shot down every better deal."

To the bitter end, opponents of the plan decried the use of $150 million in Minneapolis tax dollars to fund the stadium.

Council Member Gary Schiff said "this is a sad day for Minneapolis taxpayers" and called the half-billion dollar subsidy from the state and city "the largest act of corporate welfare ever approved in the state of Minnesota." He later urged Minneapolis voters to hold their elected officials accountable for approving the stadium plan.
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Today's a sad day for taxpayer watchdogs, but a joyous one for Purple fans.

Council Member Lisa Goodman warned that the city's investment in a new Vikings stadium could turn out like the city's investment in the empty hole of suck that used to be called Block E.

"When we put all our eggs in this basket we run the risk of another Block E. And I don't think that's what anyone wants," she said, adding that "we'll look back on this in the future and wonder what we were thinking."

That remains to be seen. For stadium supporters, at least, today is a happy day. Shortly after council's vote, reports emerged of Mayor RT Rybak downing bottles of Grain Belt in his office. Across the river, Governor Mark Dayton applauded the council for showing "vision and courage to lead Minneapolis in putting together a stadium plan that is best for Minneapolis and Minnesota."

For better or worse, folks, we're stuck with our beloved-but-cursed Purple, electronic pull-tabs, and downtown Minneapolis hospitality taxes for the foreseeable future. Let's just hope the Vikes finally win a Super Bowl or two along the way.

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Hahaha you're stuck with em now! Oh what a waste to spend that much on a fucking game!  The Twins have actually accomplished things in the past, so they deserved the ballpark! Citizens of Mpls should just go and protest this shit, make the team pay for the damn thing. With the amount of money those assholes make, they could easily put a dent on the pricetag. Or write up a contract with some fineprint saying if they don't win a superbowl within 2 years, then the whole city gets to kick the team's ass out! Make them bring the stadium with them too! Apparently schools, public works, etc. don't really matter anymore. That's where the money should have went. But it must be a new kind of thrill to piss money on a team whose biggest achievement was hiring a packer.

Jeremy B
Jeremy B

The best I can say is: after ignoring the warnings of virtually every economist on the planet who's looked at the financial impact of stadiums; the people of Minneapolis, who overwhelmingly opposed this deal; the state's financial situation; and the senators and representatives who tried to make this a fairer deal...

Governor, Mayor, council members: pray that you made the right choice, or we will be cursing your names for the next 30 years.

Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson

Sandra Colvin Roy traitor, u will be voted out this time!!!!


Well, after using my tax dollars to pay for yet another museum or theater, or making those stupid bike lanes, I have no problem with them building this. Finally, something I can get behind.


Football is a shitty game played by thugs, coached and owned by fascists and psychopaths, for an audience of moronic knuckle-dragging mouthbreathers. It is a culture of bullying and militarism, with a bunch of misogyny thrown in. You should be ashamed to waste your time and money on this barbaric decadence. 

Fuck this stupid country and the people who live here.


Dear governor, legislators, and council members,

Thanks for selling your constituents out for this outright scam.  We trusted you with our tax dollars and you've pissed them away.

Fuck you,Citizen


The alternative to bike lanes is having bikers in the regular car lanes, which is dangerous and inconvenient for everybody. And, since the cost for most of them is 'paint' which is a normal cost of road maintenance, they aren't relatively that expensive. The only reason I say this, I hear some people complain about them, but I don't know what their argument is against them. What are the drawbacks?

Jeremy B
Jeremy B

You can shut right the hell up about theaters. They have all come to the state and local government, asking for a LOT less money, and raising funds privately. The state gave the Guthrie a whopping total of $25 million, while the Guthrie raised the remaining 3/4 of the cost of their theater themselves.

And FYI, infrastructure (bridges, roads, bike lanes ON roads and bridges) is the stuff government SHOULD be spending money on. Not a terrible deal for a 2nd-rate team who wasn't going anywhere anyway.

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