Woodbury police blotter reveals one way Star Tribune, Pioneer Press keep circulation up

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Woodbury's police blotter suggests the Strib and PiPress might be inappropriately inflating circulation numbers.
You may have heard that newspaper are dying, but the latest Audit Bureau of Circulations report shows that for the time being at least, the Twin Cities' major dailies are still alive and kickin'.

The report shows that total circulation for both the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press, including digital versions of each paper, rose slightly over the past six months. Unsurprisingly, rising circulation was a product of readers consuming more of the online versions of each paper -- the PiPress's print-only weekday circulation declined by 10 percent, while the Strib's weekday circulation declined by 5 percent.

Those numbers aren't heartening for hard-copy aficionados, but an obscure item in Woodbury's police blotter suggests they could have been even worse.

What's one way to keep circulation numbers up even as people read less and less print? How about delivering the paper to folks even when they don't want it!

From Woodbury Patch's April 22 police blotter:
A resident at the 6000 block of Woodbine Avenue called police after newspapers (a Twin Cities daily) were continually left in his driveway. He asked officials at the newspaper to stop delivery; they told him: "Tough." Police advised him to try again.
It's too bad this Woodbury resident is being force-fed the newspaper against his will, but look on the bright side: If the police won't take action and the papers just keep on comin', they'll make great bonfire kindling this summer. Meanwhile, the Strib or PiPress gets to inflate its circulation number by at least one paper. A real win-win!

-- Hat trip to David Brauer for drawing attention to the Woodbury police blotter item.

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