CeCe McDonald supporters throw Molotov cocktail at Portland Wells Fargo

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McDonald's case continues to be controversial on a national scale.
A group claiming solidarity with Chrishaun "CeCe" McDonald, a transgender woman who recently pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter in Hennepin County, is taking credit for an unlit Molotov cocktail found inside a Wells Fargo in Portland, Oregon last week.

The bank manager found the homemade incendiary device next to a broken window, according to Colorlines.

Early Wednesday morning, a group calling itself the "Queer Attack Squadron" published a statement on Anarchistnews.org claiming ownership.

"As a small gesture of solidarity with CeCe, and all others who suffer under the hand of the racist, trans-misogynist capitalist state, a Molotov cocktail has been tossed through a large window of a Wells Fargo in Portland, Oregon late last night," the statement reads. "The flaming bottle flew easily through the window spewing fire and glass into the building, a delightful and brief escape from the monotony of the endless spectacle."

Katie Burgess, executive director of the Trans Youth Support Network, says the group has no connections to McDonald's local supporters. "Definitely no affiliation," she says.

The target of Wells Fargo appears to be related to a national campaign against the bank because of its financial ties to prisons, based an email the group sent to KGW, a Portland-based news station.

"Wells Fargo stands as an easy target, funding the prison industrial complex along with the policing and judicial system which uphold the banking system and its profits," states the email.

The violent act is more evidence that McDonald's case, which was the subject of our May 9 cover story, is still resonating on a national scale.

For a behind-the-scenes look at the controversial case, read our May 9 cover story, "The Edge of Doubt."
Last summer, McDonald and a few friends were on a late-night run to Cub Foods when they crossed paths with a man named Dean Schmitz, who was smoking cigarettes outside the Schooner Tavern in south Minneapolis with a group of friends.

Schmitz's group called out some derogatory comments, and McDonald's group walked over to confront them. After some heated words were exchanged, a woman smashed a glass on McDonald's face, opening up a gash across her cheek and starting a street brawl. Moments later, McDonald stabbed Schmitz in the heart with a pair of scissors, and he died on scene.

McDonald was eventually charged with two counts of second-degree murder, though she argued it was an act of self defense. She pleaded to the lesser charge of second-degree manslaughter on the third day of her trial.

Last week, McDonald was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison. For now, she's been incarcerated in the St. Cloud prison, a male facility, though she could be transferred if she meets state placement guidelines (read more here).

As MSNBC reported over the weekend, McDonald was recently transferred out of solitary confinement and into the prison's general population. Watch:

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    Red Durkin
    Red Durkin

    CeCe McDonald's ACTUAL support committee has REPEATEDLY stated that they take all their cues from CeCe herself and that anyone claiming to support her should do the same. Online petitions to have her moved to a gender appropriate facility have been rebuked by her support committee because they were not initiated by her. Kids in Portland throwing bombs through bank windows have NOTHING to do with CeCe McDonald and should STOP invoking her in their actions. I don't care about Wells-Fargo AT ALL, but I do care about an already embattled young trans woman having her name dragged into something that she would probably condemn completely.


    Well, its better than sitting back and being a fucking sheep.

    Big Fella
    Big Fella

    Anarchists are pathetic cowards.

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