David Carlson, Kurt Bills' GOP primary challenger, is also responsible for an awful trailer [VIDEO]

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Carlson doesn't have his party's endorsement, but is trying to take down Kurt Bills in an August primary anyway.
Yesterday, we told you about GOP U.S. Senate endorsee Kurt Bills' jaw-droppingly bad campaign film trailer. New evidence suggests he may have felt compelled to try and upstage his Republican primary challenger, David Carlson.

Carlson -- a 30-year-old, reportedly twice-divorced former Marine Corps Sergeant who owns a fledgling Twin Cities-based private security company -- bucked his party's endorsement of Bills and announced his Senate candidacy late last week. In a Facebook post announcing his run, he tries to paint Bills as nothing more than a Ron Paul acolyte and explains that he felt compelled to enter the race at the last minute because he was bothered as he "watched a very small fringe group of Libertarians [infiltrate] the Minnesota Republican caucus, uncompromisingly backing a slate of candidates who in large measure do not represent Minnesota values, and that's evident by Congressman Ron Paul's dismal 27% voter support in our statewide Presidential caucus."

But the main reason Carlson is running is most likely because his reality TV career flamed out before it ever got started.

Earlier this year, Carlson launched a Kickstarter campaign for a proposed reality show he called American PSD. His idea was to follow a bunch of beefy ex-military private security guards around Minneapolis as they protect VIPs and explore "their relationships with each other and the camaraderie of brotherhood."

"American PSD is completely unique... there are very few programs that spotlight veterans and what their life is like, not just when they are in combat shooting a gun, but what happens when they go home? How are they in their interactions? What's it like to see a group of Marines hanging out together? These are things that most Americans never get to see the inside part of and I think American PSD brings that out," Carlson says in the show's trailer.

Here's the clip:

You'll be surprised to learn that Carlson's Kickstarter campaign didn't raise sufficient funds, forcing him to abandon the project and resume a political career that includes unsuccessful runs for the Minnesota House in 2008 and the Minnesota Senate in 2010.

Bills, for his part, sounds less than concerned about Carlson's challenge. Asked about his opponent just after Carlson threw his hat in the ring, Bills said: "I'm sorry I don't really know who he is."

Carlson's Facebook followers also seem less than enthused about his move to muddy the GOP's water. As of last night, the June 6 post announcing his candidacy had just four likes, compared to seven critical comments, including this: "You are alienating not just Ron Paul supporters, but also those who believe it is important to follow the party endorsement process. Disregarding the party endorsement is not a matter to be taken lightly if you want to have a political future."

If Carlson is indeed jeopardizing his political future, he better hope the private security guard thing works out, because obviously neither he nor the man he is chasing for the right to square off with Amy Klobuchar this November has a future behind or in front of a camera.

-- Hat-tip to Sally Jo Sorensen's Bluestem Prairie politics blog for shedding light on Carlson's reality TV aspirations.

-- What the hell is GOP US Senate candidate Kurt Bills thinking with his campaign film trailer? [VIDEO]

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Carlson is just a self promoting hustler. Nothing wrong with that, if you are in the sleazy private sector (like strip club owner,or escort agency) but i think this silly club bouncer needs to direct his energies to something like that, and not trouble people with his time wasting nonsense. Wait a minute, I've got it, why dont you start one of those boot camp/paintball deals.

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Anyone would be better than our current Senators because they fail to push their Senate Leadership (Harry Reid) to pass a Senate Budget. It has been 1141 Days - and counting - since the Senate last passed a budget.  They are required to do so every year. I find this reprehensible because I see it as a clear effort to hide the agenda of the democrat led Senate.  This is one of the many issues that will devastate the campaign efforts of Amy Klobuchar. Dereliction of duty will never sit well with the fine people of the great State of Minnesota. Unless you're a partisan moron...

Dr. J
Dr. J

I surprised the party of Michele Bachmann and Bradlee Dean produces Senate canidates who might be mentally ill and stupid. Lucky for Republicans their bench is looking strong and deep to run against Al Franken.   The early frontrunner is of course Lou "The Lounatic" Larson.  This homeless gentleman spends most of his time at the bus stop ranting about how Obama puts bird flu in Pepsi.  If he can defeat the "whisper demons" and Tim Pawlenty in the primary he will be a tough man for Franken to beat.  The Koch brothers have already pledged $20 million to his campaign.  

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