Duluth flood update, and 10 more jaw-dropping images [PHOTOS]

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duluth flood 2 thumb.jpg
Taken by Edgewater Resort and Waterpark
Approximately 10 inches of rain fell on the Duluth area over an 18 hour period.
Thankfully, the rain has stopped in the Duluth area, and the forecast is dry for the next handful of days. While it'll take some time to fully assess the damage yesterday's historic flooding caused, Mayor Don Ness tentatively estimates the impact in terms of "tens of millions of dollars, if not more," adding that about 10 percent of the city's streets were damaged or destroyed by rushing water.

Governor Mark Dayton is visiting Duluth this morning. Almost all businesses in the city were shut down yesterday; in a couple hours we'll see to what extent it'll be possible for some sense of normalcy to resume in the flood-ravaged area.

Yesterday, we brought you our first batch of the top 10 jaw-dropping social media images from the flood. Of course, more have been shared since then, and this morning we bring you a second set of 10 hard-to-believe shots, some taken after the rain stopped falling yesterday afternoon.

Without further ado:

10. An auto dealership, under water (photo from Terri D Harings)
duluth flood 2 10.jpg

9. A collapsed retaining wall near the Coop (photo from Eric G Nied)
duluth flood 2 9.jpg

8. Highway 210 in Thomson, now a raging river (photo taken by Edgewater Resort and Waterpark)
duluth flood 2 8.jpg

7. Whirlpool (photo from Megan Snyder)
duluth flood 2 7.jpg

6. A washed-out bridge in Superior (photo from DaCoco)
duluth flood 2 6.jpg

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