Duluth floods: Top 10 jaw-dropping images [PHOTOS]

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duluth flood water ends land begins.jpg
Picture taken by Edgewater Resort and Waterpark
Today, it's hard to tell where Lake Superior ends and land begins.
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The Duluth area is in the midst of the worst flash-flood to hit the North Shore in at least 40 years. In fact, it may be the worst flash-flood the area has ever seen.

Thanks to photo sharing made possible by social media, those of us in the Twin Cities and elsewhere have been able to watch as unbelievable images of AWOL seals, cratered roads, and water-swept houses have been posted throughout the day.

Below the jump we rank 10 of the most jaw-dropping scenes created by a natural disaster that has so thoroughly damaged the area's infrastructure, it'll take "weeks if not months to fully understand the extent of the damage," Duluth Mayor Don Ness said.

10. 'At 8th and Skyline... this is unreal' -- Allie Delury
duluth flood 10.jpg

9. (photo from Edgewater Resort and Waterpark)
duluth flood 9.jpg

8. (photo from theory218)
duluth flood 8.jpg

7. (photo from Adria Marie)
duluth flood 7.jpg

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