Federal agents issue "extraordinary" plea for help finding at-risk boy wearing Joe Mauer shirt [PHOTOS]

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This unidentified boy is in serious danger, ICE believes.
Last week, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations unit issued an "extraordinary plea" for help finding a boy investigators say is in a "dangerous situation."

The boy appears in a video that was posted somewhere online. ICE released a couple of stills from the video but investigators are being tight-lipped about why they believe the boy and at least one other young person are in serious danger.

Investigators believe the boy, seen wearing a Joe Mauer T-shirt, is currently living in either Minnesota or western Wisconsin or was recently in the area. "It is entirely possible this young man is not currently in Minnesota or Wisconsin, but has a friend or relative in the area, or recently moved from one of those states," said ICE spokesman Shawn Neudauer.

Has the boy been kidnapped, victimized by a human trafficking ring, or is he at-risk from pedophiles? Investigators won't say, but they do believe an adult is involved.

"We believe there's an adult involved in all of this," Neudauer told CNN. "If we can identify the young person involved, we suspect that we'll be able to remove a couple of young people from a dangerous environment and also, perhaps, identify an adult."

Here's a video still showing the boy's face. He's sitting in front of a computer in what appears to be a basement. Investigators believe he's between 13 and 19 years old.
boy twins shirt 2.jpg

Another side-profile still reveals that the boy is wearing a Joe Mauer T-shirt. The logo on the shirt was first marketed by the team in July 2010, so investigators know the video was shot after then, but the shirt's graphic appears to be faded, leading ICE to believe the footage is more recent. Here's that image:
boy twins shirt.jpg

The U.K. Daily Mail characterizes the search for the boy as "desperate." Neudauer said that "Issuing a public plea is an extraordinary step by ICE's Homeland Security Investigations, warranted by our belief that there may be young people at risk without the ability to ask for law enforcement's help."

If you think you might know who the boy is, investigators ask you to call ICE's 24-hour tip line at 866-347-2423.

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