Feisty -- the wild-eyed, freedom-loving Duluth seal -- is headed to the Como Zoo

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We'll get to see if Feisty likes St. Paul as much as she appears to be enjoying Duluth in this photo.
Duluth's flash-flooding allowed Feisty the seal to have a night on the town. Now, she gets to take a road trip to St. Paul.

Feisty and Berlin the polar bear are headed to the Como Zoo and will remain there until the flood-ravaged Lake Superior Zoo can repair damage caused by the Duluth Deluge.

Como Zoo spokesman Matt Reinartz told the Star Tribune that "when [Lake Superior Zoo officials] determined it was in the animals' best interest to bring them back to Como, we were ready to respond."

Reinartz said visitors might be able to see Feisty as soon as today, but no plans are in place yet for Berlin.

There's no hurry -- it'll probably be quite some time before the Lake Superior Zoo reopens. The flood water drown all but one of the zoo's barnyard animals, including donkeys, goats, and sheep. Flooding also consumed the zoo's raven and vulture cases. Officials expect some zoo bridges to be washed out, as well as major parts of the polar bear exhibit.

Peter Pruett, the zoo's director of animal management, said, "obviously, our entire staff is devastated."

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