Feisty the seal and Berlin the polar bear get comfortable at Como Zoo [CUTE PHOTOS]

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God forbid Superior Zoo ever floods again, but if it does, we want to adopt Feisty.
It's been a busy week for Feisty, Vivian, and Berlin, animals that called Lake Superior Zoo home until last week's devastating flooding.

The zoo was ravaged by the flood, prompting employees from St. Paul's Como Zoo to reach out and ask if there was anything they could do to help. Superior Zoo employees said they could use temporary homes for their seals and polar bear while they get back up and running, and Como was happy to oblige.

It wasn't the first time Como was asked to house flood-displaced animals. Last year, flooding in Minot prompted the relocation of two brown bears and a grizzly to St. Paul, and the animals are still at Como. "We're no strangers to helping out flooded zoos," said Como spokesman Matt Reinartz.

Reinartz said Feisty, Vivian, and Berlin are currently in the midst of a 30-day quarantine period standard for all new animals. Como has enough space to accommodate separate quarters for the refugee animals, and after a month it'll determined whether they can chill out with the zoo's other polar bears and seals.

Yesterday, we sent photographer Erik Blume to take some shots of Feisty, Vivian, and Berlin settling in at Como. And, as you'd expect, the photos are so cute, they'll leave you longing for a pet polar. Here are the best 11 shots from Blume's collection:
Berlin 1.jpg

berlin 3.jpg

duluth seal 1.jpg

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