Flying pit bull attack leaves Wisconsin man with serious injuries

A Milwaukee pit bull flew from the sky, attacking another pit bull and the dog's owner.
A Milwaukee man was with his wife, walking their pit bull around 5 p.m. Saturday  when they were attacked from above... by another pit bull.

The dog somehow leapt from a second-story balcony and pounced on the couple's pit bull, at which time the 55-year-old husband wrestled the attacking pit bull off his dog. But during the scuffle, the attacking pit bull was able to sink his teeth into the man, biting him several times.

And once a pit bulls sinks its teeth into you, it's hard to get the damn thing off. In this case, onlookers had to literally ram a moving car into the dog in order to break the victim free.

An eyewitness told Milwaukee's WTMJ that "the man's wife, someone had thrown her a shovel and she was hitting the dog with the shovel and he still wouldn't let go."
pit bull balcony.JPG
The pit bull leapt from the second-floor balcony pictured above the garage here.

The victim suffered puncture wounds to his face, arms, legs, and torso. He will eventually undergo surgery but is expected to live. The same cannot be said for the attacking dog, however.

Police found the pit bull still pinned under the car and blasted it twice with a shotgun, killing it. As of last night, police were still searching for the dog's owner.

A Doubting Thomas neighbor, speaking of the aerial-attacking dog, said, "I've never seen him get vicious toward anyone before." But when it comes to pit bulls, even one instance of viciousness is too many.

Said the victim's daughter-in-law: "If you're not going to take proper responsibility for an animal, please don't get [a pit bull]."

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