Kamarei McCabe abducted baby from foster care, police say [PHOTOS]

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Photo courtesy Minneapolis police.
Kamarei McCabe and her child are likely still in the city, according to police.
Kamarei McCabe, a 16-year-old Minneapolis mother, abducted her baby from foster care during a supervised visit Wednesday, according to police.

Police got the call around 1:45 yesterday afternoon that McCabe had absconded with her sixth-month-old child, Shaquan Rulford.

"There is a reason to believe that the McCabe cannot adequately care for Shaquan and might pose a threat to him," Minneapolis police say in a statement.

Police suspect McCabe and Shaquan are still somewhere in the city, likely on the North Side, and are turning to the public for help locating them.

Here's what they look like, via Minneapolis police:




At last sighting, Shaquan was wearing a red shirt and brown plaid shorts. He weighs about 19 pounds, with black hair, brown eyes, and a birthmark on his right arm. Anyone who sees the child or his mother is asked to call police.

UPDATE [2:15]:

Shaquan was found this afternoon, according to the Minneapolis Police Department's Facebook page. More details are expected to be available shortly.

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