Kyle Fletcher, Bob Fletcher's son, busted for another DWI

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Kyle Fletcher, Bob Fletcher's troubled son
Former Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher's son, Kyle Fletcher, is in trouble with the law for driving while intoxicated.

Minneapolis police arrested Fletcher early Wednesday morning and booked him into the Hennepin County jail.

It's the latest in a string of incidents for the troubled 23-year-old: Kyle Fletcher was charged in Ramsey County this past April for DWI and is awaiting trial for criminal vehicular homicide or operation in Washington County.

Bob Fletcher famously had his son arrested twice when he was struggling with heroin and cocaine addictions, leading Bob to tell the Star Tribune his son's "addiction has become a sort of father-son project."

Last September 5, Kyle drove his car off road in Denmark Township, according to a criminal complaint filed in Washington County.

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Former Sheriff Bob Fletcher is running for Ramsey County commissioner
Kyle was driving the vehicle with two friends, police said, who both sustained injuries. One of Fletcher's friends had "blood on his face" and "multiple cuts" on his hands.

Kyle was trapped in the vehicle and had to be rescued by the Hastings Fire Department. When police approached Kyle's vehicle, they noticed that he reeked of booze. A BAC blood test showed Kyle was over the limit at .09.

The incident report from Kyle's Wednesday morning Minneapolis arrest was not available as of press time.

Bob Fletcher is currently challenging Ramsey County Commissioner Tony Bennett. Fletcher did not return messages seeking comment.

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if you're the sheriff's son and got a DUI, you gotta do better than 0.9, at least .16. absolutely embarrassing.


"Reeked of booze" at .09?  Come on....  That's like two good beers.  Or a stiff double.  Might want to make sure your cliches apply before you use them.

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