Mayor Rybak offers perfect rejoinder to L.A. Nik on Facebook

L.A. Nik is just as gross as he looks.
Who is L.A. Nik? Imagine the skeletal looks of Mick Mars paired with the shameless self-promotion of Gene Simmons except with none of the fame.

He also calls himself "the Mayor of Minneapolis After Dark."

Lately, L.A. Nik has been in a bit of a self-promotional frenzy. He is claiming that Letterman's Late Show is "in talks" with L.A. Nik, which nobody actually believes. He even issued a press release.

Over the weekend, L.A. Nik took his aggressive self-promotion to Mayor R.T. Rybak's Facebook page, posting the dopey Letterman press release like graffiti on Rybak's wall.

But the actual mayor of Minneapolis had a hilarious rejoinder for the pretender to the throne:

Mayor Rybak smacks down L.A. Nik in the most hilarious way possible.
What else would you expect from a mayor who crowdsurfs?

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