Minnesotans United for All Families raised $3.1 million this year, MN for Marriage $588,000

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Minnesotans who approve of the above scene are putting their money where their mouth is.
Minnesota's leading anti-same sex marriage group is getting its ass whooped when it comes to fundraising.

Campaign finance reports released this week show that Minnesotans United for All Families, a group formed solely to defeat the proposed same-sex marriage ban, raised $3.1 million since the beginning of the year. On the other hand, Minnesota for Marriage, the most prominent group supporting the ban, raised just $588,000.

Among the high-profile 'Sotans giving to Minnesotans United for All Families were Gov. Mark Dayton, his sons Andrew and Eric, Cargill CEO Greg Page, General Mills CEO Ken Powell, and numerous members of the Pohlad family. MPR reports that the marriage amendment has divided the Keillor family -- Garrison gave (just?) $250 to Minnesotans United for All Families, while his brother Steven, a professor at Bethel University, gave $500 to Minnesota for Marriage.

The report shows that $400,000 of the $588,000 Minnesota for Marriage raised came from the Minnesota Catholic Conference Defense Fund, with the Minnesota Family Council Marriage Protection fund kicking in $150,000, and the National Organization for Marriage contributing another $15,000. In other words, $565,000 of the $588,000 came from just three organizations.
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Said Helmberger: "We are thankful for the strong support" What strong support?

In a statement, John Helmberger, Minnesota for Marriage's chairman, tried to downplay the grim campaign finance report.

"Our opponents are raising money from same sex marriage activists across the country, and although we have always expected that they will outspend us, as marriage protection opponents have in every other state dealing with this issue, we are confident that the people of Minnesota will come together to raise the resources necessary to win and not let our state's definition of marriage be defined by activist judges or liberal out of state organizations," he wrote.

Despite what Helmberger says, the report shows that 85 percent of the $4.6 million Minnesotans United for All Families has raised since last year has been from in-state donors. Minnesota for Marriage has raised $1.4 million over the same timeframe.

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Nice Aron, What's your angle? Gay? Know a gay? Lesbian? Don't care about children? What a biased pile of you know what. Then once again the "tolerant one" is intolerant of the Catholic Church (i am not one) and anyone who SAYS NO.  "Kids don't need a mother or father"- Minnesota United, that what they say!. Really? Why can't you admit the truth that this is a small majority with big pocket donors and liberals who want only  to assuage some kind of personal shame and guilt which justifies their immoral relativistic lives. If all the gays, lesbians, transgender, cross dressers, farm animal lovers want to "love" one another, have it. BUT DON' T highjack the institution of Marriage that has been established forever for a man and woman. Use that brain and just come with your own NAME and way to have your unions, is that so bleeping hard you idiot? And don't forget, this is not about children as MN United wants you all to believe. It is about pure selfish, incessant whining and screaming by small vocal groups of people who say they were born that way....OK, fine. But don't drag some normal kid(s) into it and mess them up for the rest of their lives. We have yet to see the damage cause by same sex unions raising kids. If you would have taken your job serious, you would know that same sex relationship break up even more that traditional ones. Whoops....You hypocrite.

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