Mother of four allegedly left children in sweltering car while she tried on swimsuits

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Couldn't she have at least cracked the window a little bit?
Bianca Hazelrigg, a 21-year-old mother of four from Bagley, Minnesota, apparently thinks of herself as a caring parent.

During a court appearance earlier this week, Hazelrigg told observers, through tears, that she "would never harm my children." Yet she was in court for an arraignment on child endangerment charges. (Clarification -- though the Bemidji report linked below characterizes Hazelrigg as having "four young children," her Facebook profile suggests she isn't the biological mother of the older two. They appear to be her boyfriend's from a previous relationship.)

Hazelrigg was in court because on Saturday, she allegedly left her children unattended inside a sweltering car with the windows closed while she spent a half-hour trying on swimsuits in the Bemidji Target.

According to the criminal complaint, at 5:30 Saturday evening, police responded to a call from an individual concerned about four young children left unattended in the Target parking lot. Upon arrival police found a 4-year-old and two 2-year-olds inside a maroon Chevrolet with the windows rolled up. A 7-year-old was playing outside the vehicle in the parking lot.

The vehicle wasn't running, and the temperature outside was 88 degrees Fahrenheit. Officers characterized the children inside the car as "very hot to the touch... flush and sweating."

At about 5:40, Hazelrigg strolled back to her vehicle. She told officers she had been inside trying on swimsuits, adding that it wasn't a big deal because she had only been inside a few minutes.

Surveillance video, however, shows that she entered the store at 5:08 and left at 5:37.

No details about the children's health is available, but as of yesterday Hazelrigg remained in Beltrami County Jail. Her bail was set at $5,000 without conditions and $1,000 with conditions, including no contact with her children. If she can't come up with bail, she'll be in jail until her next court appearance on Monday.

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The priminister and his wife just left there 8 yo daughter in a bar for about the same amount of time. That's largely been presented as a social guffaw. I think we should consider how our society is failing young women instead of throwing stones. Also, when's the last time YOU had a parenting class? C'mon. And birth control? Call your congressperson- our president wants it available to everyone.

Miss Penelope
Miss Penelope

 she' all thrilled about being a mommy now. But she seems to be more concerned with her studly boyfriend.


 That clarification wasn't in the original posting of the story.


I don't think a class would help someone that oblivious.


reading comprehension - 0

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