Mysterious naked man photos, plastered in parks and on utilities, baffle Bloomington PD [PHOTOS]

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naked creepy guy.jpg
Police want your help identifying this man.
It's been going on for a year, and Bloomington police have finally had enough.

Yesterday, the Bloomington PD reached out to the media and asked for help gathering information about who's responsible for the mysterious naked dude photos that keep appearing on utility poles, stop signs, and in area parks.

The photos show a white, middle-aged, crew-cut, birthday suit-clad man in various states of naked repose. A forest serves as his backdrop. Making the photos extra creepy is the fact that the man's face is manually blacked out with a marker. Police, however, scrubbed away the ink to reveal his face.

Here's a couple examples of the photos. Though cropped, they're still disturbing enough to deliver a chill:
naked creepy guy 2.jpg
naked creepy guy 3.jpg
WCCO reports that the photos first began showing up in Bloomington last July, then stopped being posted for a while before reappearing last month. Plastered on everything from utilities to port-a-potties, the images recently began appearing in Eden Prairie as well.

Bloomington police don't know whether the naked man is the culprit or a victim. They ask anyone with information to call Bloomington Police Detective Kim Jones-O'Brien at 952-563-4924.

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