Norm Coleman most popular prominent MN GOPer; Bachmann "most unpopular politician"

coleman long hair.jpg
The face of Minnesota's most popular prominent Republican.
The Republicans we like the best are the ones we see and hear from the least, apparently.

New polling released yesterday by Public Policy Polling reveals that "the most prominent Minnesota Republican with the best favorability numbers" is former Senator Norm Coleman, who we've barely heard from during the last three years. To give you an idea of how unpopular our prominent Republicans are, consider that Coleman's favorable/unfavorable split is a less than inspiring 38/41.

On the other side of the spectrum sits Our Favorite Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann. With a 33/60 favorable/unfavorable split, PPP characterizes Michele as "Minnesota's most unpopular politician." We'll see what the voters of the 6th District have to say about Bachmann's popularity come November.

PPP's comparison of Minnesota's prominent Republicans prompted the following tweet from Twin Cities media reporter David Brauer:As far as the presidential race goes, PPP's survey echoes what SurveyUSA found last month -- Barack Obama has a commanding lead over presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

SurveyUSA had Obama up 52 percent to 38 percent, while PPP has Barack up 54 percent to 39 percent. Considering that "none of Minnesota's prominent Republicans would be able to make the state competitive if Romney chose them as his running mate," PPP concludes that "Barack Obama continues to look like a shoo in to take Minnesota this fall."

Meanwhile, seeing how none of Minnesota's prominent Republicans have a positive favorability split, we conclude that the MNGOP really needs to work on cultivating a more likeable crop of conservative leaders.

-- Obama way ahead of Romney in Minnesota, says new SurveyUSA poll [GRAPHIC]
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Mark Gisleson
Mark Gisleson

It's phony conservatism and it's catching up with them. Conservatives don't start wars, run up deficits or pry into your personal life, but these ass clowns are dying to tell you who to nuke, which businesses to subsidize, and which Americans should be spied on.

Dr. J
Dr. J

I'm really surprised Republicans aren't more popular in Minnesota.  Just here in the City Pages comment section look at how effective Republicans are at changing minds.   They use every tactic in the Republican book from racism to sexism to homophobia yet nothing seems to work.  Do Minnesota voters not know Michele Bachmann talks directly to God?   Why do Minnesotans hate God so much?    Hopefully the smart Republicans will post on this story by whining and complaining which is a great way to get people on their sides.  Maybe kirk the conservative jerk could try his classic tactic of proving how Democrats are the real racists cause in 1804 Rep. Josiah White (D-NYC) said he didn't care for black people.   Whatever the results of the poll Republicans shouldn't change their opinions no matter what.    Everything you believe is true no matter what the facts say. 

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