Obama motorcade goes to Bachelor Farmer [VIDEO] [PHOTOS]

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Tony Nelson
Is that Obama in that car?
President Obama's motorcade was met with cheering crowds as well as several notable protests as it cruised through downtown on the way to Bachelor Farmer for lunch this afternoon.

A crowd of several hundred people lined the streets and waited in eager anticipation as police cordoned off the intersection of Washington and 2nd Ave. North (yes, Obama cruised past Sex World, but didn't stop in).

Here are some photos of the protesters and a video of the motorcade's arrival.

SLIDESHOW: Obama's Visit: Signs of the Times

Here's a short video that captures the moment Obama's motorcade arrived:

This guy was dressed up like an Abu Ghraib prisoner and wanted to make sure Obama saw him:

Kevin Hoffman
Which way to Abu Ghraib?

The cops hassled him and said he can't have his face covered with a hood under Minnesota law, but he argued that the Secret Service had given him the go-ahead.

There was also a contingent of young Romney supporters on one corner, eager to show Obama their signs.

Kevin Hoffman
Young Republicans for Romney.

And of course, the obligatory pot protester.

Kevin Hoffman
Puff puff pass, Mr. President.

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