Olliscia Dahl of St. Paul charged with stealing Target's vacuum cleaners

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Olliscia Dahl: Life sucks like a Dyson vacuum cleaner.
Olliscia Waylon Dahl of St. Paul was charged with felony theft after allegedly stealing a bunch of vacuum cleaners from Target stores in Edina, Plymouth, and Maple Grove.

It would seem that Dahl has a serious dust bunny problem, but police say they busted the 22-year-old when she was trying to return vacuums for refunds, reports Edina Patch.

Target's assets protection department contacted the Hennepin County sheriff's office after determining that Dahl had shoplifted vacuums at five different Target stores, resulting in a loss of $2,575. An unnamed male accomplice was allegedly involved in three of the thefts for a loss of $1,562.

Dahl and her sidekick seem to favor sleek Dyson brand vacuums, which can cost around $600. According to the criminal complaint, at least three separate incidents in the alleged vacuum-stealing scam involved Dysons.

Dahl's criminal record includes convictions for theft in August and October 2011 in Ramsey County, and last March in Washington County.

Dahl is being held in Hennepin County Jail on a $5,000 bond. She is also being held on outstanding warrants from Ramsey, Anoka, and Hennepin counties.

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