Police efforts at now-foreclosed Cruz family home cost taxpayers $42,429

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The MPD's efforts to secure the Cruz home cost taxpayers the better part of a city worker's salary.
Late last month, police finally evicted Occupy Homes protestors from the Cruz family home, and their efforts cost taxpayers significantly.

Today, a letter from MPD chief Tim Dolan to Mayor RT Rybak revealed that the cost of on-duty work at the 4044 Cedar Ave. S. home was $42,429. Occupy activists have criticized the city for using "public resources to defend big banks."

Activists allege that the now-Freddie Mac-owned home was foreclosed after a computer glitch resulted in a mortgage payment submitted by the Cruz family not being processed. After the home was foreclosed, activists occupied the property and refused to leave. Freddie Mac called upon Minneapolis police to evict trespassers and secure the home by boarding up windows, and after two failed attempts the MPD was able to successfully evict activists during an afternoon raid on May 29.

But the city seemed lukewarm about doing Freddic Mac's bidding. After the May 29 eviction raid, officials released a statement saying "Minneapolis City Attorney Susan Segal reached out to Freddie Mac to say that the City is not in the foreclosure business." Freddie Mac stationed security guards outside the home after the MPD cleared out protesters, the Star Tribune reports.

Lukewarm or no, doing Freddie Mac's dirty work apparently ended up costing Minneapolis taxpayers a good portion of a city worker's annual salary.

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