Porn Prom satirized on Daily Show [VIDEO]

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We doubt this was the sort of photo Stone had in mind when he asked porn-star Piper to come to Minnesota.
Well, Tartan senior Mike Stone's much-ballyhooed Porn Prom may have come and gone with a whimper, but at least he and adult-film star Megan Piper got a Daily Show segment's worth of publicity out of it.

Last week, the Daily Show ran a surprisingly sympathetic segment about the prom of Stone's dreams and took some shots at Tartan officials for blacklisting Piper, an adult who makes a living engaging in consensual sex with other adults on film.

One funny moment comes when "reporter" Jessica Williams asks Stone whether he's 'bummed out' to learn that Piper has no plans to engage in sexual relations with him. Expressionless, Mike manages to shake his head and blurt out a "no," but you know Piper's preemptive denial had to sting the hormoned-up 18-year-old a little bit.

Meanwhile, even with Porn Prom in the rear-view mirror, Stone continues to spam porn stars on Twitter. Piper may have helped create a monster.

Without further ado, here's the Daily Show segment:

The City Pages' Porn Prom coverage:

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