The 2012 State Fair poster looks like something out of a drug-induced nightmare [PHOTO]

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2012 state fair poster crop.jpg
A steely eyed, gigantic rooster serves as the poster's centerpiece.
The 2012 State Fair poster has been released, and put it this way -- you probably won't want to plaster it on little Johnny's wall. Under the cold gaze of a gigantic rooster, he'd probably wake up in the middle of the night with cold sweats.

The poster, which the normally staid Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal describes as featuring a "terrifying," "zero-gravity, giant-fried-food environment," is the work of St. Paul artist Joe Heffron, who competed against nearly 50 other artists for the honor of being the fair's official 2012 artist. Heffron told the Pioneer Press that the idea for his rooster-centric poster stemmed from a visit he made with his wife to the Poultry Barn during last year's fair.

"The roosters were crowing so loud, we had to leave," Heffron said. "It gave me a new and different appreciation for what the rooster was -- it just seemed larger and louder than what it actually is, and that's how it's portrayed in the poster."

Heffron's poster also features a tripped-out gopher, smiling corn dog, and flying cheese curds. Maybe he was on psychedelics when he made that fateful trip to the fair last summer.

Without further ado, here it is:
2012 state fair poster.jpg

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