Tim Poe defends against fake war injury charges as evidence mounts

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Tim Poe is still singing the blues.
Tim Poe has been through hell this week ever since the Minnesota National Guard issued a statement Tuesday that the singer was not injured in a grenade blast in Afghanistan as Poe had claimed the day before on America's Got Talent.

Poe's Facebook fan page was hit with negative comments. His ex-wife, Kelly Ballard, said Poe may have developed a 'feel sorry for me stutter' and then later told the New York Post her former husband was abusive and that she once had him arrested.

In the meantime, TMZ reported that a photo of a soldier that Poe had submitted to America's Got Talent that was shown during his audition was not a photo of Poe at all, but of Staff Sgt. Norman Bone, taken from the Department of Defense's website. 

Minnesota National Guard spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Olson said yesterday that Poe submitted his medical records to the media as proof that he indeed was injured in combat, but the guard continues to stand by its statement that the records do not indicate Poe was injured in a grenade blast.

Olson said in a statement that he has personally reviewed the documents Poe provided to the media, none of which are new to the National Guard, and that he has also received comments regarding the documents from professionals at the Minnesota National Guard's Office of the State Surgeon. 

"After researching documents Mr. Poe provided media, he appears to lack the required justification to conclusively prove his injuries are combat-related,"Olson said in the statement. "Absent this lack of supporting justification, it's impossible to prove Mr. Poe's injuries resulted from combat action."

Olson did say, however, that if Poe has additional information to support his claims, the Minnesota National Guard will welcome it and that the guard will also continue to investigate and, if appropriate, pursue a correction to Poe's medical records and status. 

America's Got Talent declined to comment on whether or not Poe will compete on the show in the future, but Hollywood Life reported earlier that he is expected to appear on the Las Vegas episodes, which will air the week of June 25.

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Lock him up for fraud he disgraces every soldier that served including myself


This says a whole lot more about the state of our media and culture than it does about Tim Poe or the Minnesota National Guard.  Whether or not he is telling the truth, it's more than weird how much attention gets paid to televised talent show/game shows and their participants.  And in a time when it's a big controversy when a media personality admits the slightest doubt that everyone who ever donned a uniform is unquestionably a hero, it's not the least bit surprising a guy would be tempted to claim a super-human, untouchable status that can be had simply for the claiming.  America is a pretty sick country right now.  I can't blame Tim Poe for possibly being as sick as everyone else around here is right now.

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